Branch Office Connectivity

It is necessary to connect branch offices with the administrative centre via a well planned network system. We can do just that and devise the best pattern and technical system to implement, based on the scope and span of the particular organisation.

Team XENOIT expertise in providing Secure Branch Office Connectivity in any scale of work weather its just two branches and a mesh of branches…

We work on industries Leading VPN Technologies:

IP Security (IPSec)
Secure Socket Layer
Generic Routing Encapsulation

We Provide VPN solutions on any Scenario of Network:

Branch to Branch

Ensure Secure connectivity among geographically distinct but still local network. Connect to Branch securely.

User to Branch

Enable work fro anywhere services and give you work force liberty to be connected from any location.

HUB and Spoke

Fully connected branches and heavily secure connectivity across the globe

Advanced Secure VPN

No matter what is nature of your device get connected to your Enterprise Infrastructure on the go.
Partnering with XENOIT is highly beneficial method to adopt for seamless network implementation that is cost effective is the application of Virtual Private Network,