LAN Solutions

The network is a combination of routers, switches, hubs, access points and workstations which are configured with necessary protocols to function without any failure. Once the network is started to function it should work continuously if any failure happens it should be recovered to provide the communication. For providing continuous availability of devices in the network these are connected with multiple link and multiple links are nothing but redundant links.

In any network the redundancy is very important because of these redundant links the network will recover from failover within short period of time though the network is recovered from the short amount there will be loss of data. Even the protocols are designed by considering all the issues there is short amount of time, the availability of network is down. The working of the protocols and is there any effect on the protocol each other due to their individual mechanisms of the protocols are explored.



Fully Connected

Network Design :

Make a Network Design that is reliable and scalable to ensure you don’t need a re work on network for long tenure of time.

Network Re-Design :

Organisations grow rapidly and so network and every frowning network need a re design of infrastructure to ensure security and reliability over network we at xenoit excels to provide services of re designing with low impact on operations.

Network Enhancement :

Upgrading is always a wonderful thing to ensure meeting the tremendous change in technology and get the most of the technologies which can strengthen your digital world. XENOIT Power- up infrastructures with optimum use of resources to ensure you get best of technology.

Network Maintenance :

Network services from XENOIT can provide single-source solutions to help you build, monitor, manage and support your enterprise and data center networks. Our skilled staff, proactive monitoring and management system coupled with cutting-edge technology help reduce network complexity and gain optimal performance for your business in a single or multivendor environment. And that allows your employees to focus on core competencies