Data Center Development

The modern data centres are hubs for data that are kept secure and organized for easy access, better management and quick transition within the storage structure. In developing a data center, a good amount of thought and effort goes into the organization and modularization of data.

XENOIT’s Data center design team excels in work of data center development from level 0 of work and capable of developing a world class data center considering all the macro and micro factors of Network and passive elements to make Data Center ready for futuristic technologies.

XENOIT | Simplified IT

These variables are important considerations that are basic to the scalability and accessibility of data from the data center.

We consider following key points in designing Data Center Networks:

  • Data Center Foundation Design
  • Ethernet Infrastructure
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Compute Connectivity
  • Network Security

Passive Network Design Consideration:

  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Equipment Racking