Authentication Services

erifying the identity of an individual requesting access to network is very common procedure to ensure a secure network There are several ways user authentication can be processed or verified.

The requester may identify himself by means of an item he uniquely possesses like and Certificate authentication:

  • Password
  • Digest
  • HMAC
  • RSA Tokens
  • X.509

User authentication is an important security measure for protecting confidential data. Without a means of verifying a potential requester, data access may be granted to unauthorized individuals or groups that can steal confidential information for malicious purposes, or in the case of businesses, use the information to their financial advantage.

Unauthorized access to data can also lead to file corruption or the downloading of viruses, both of which can cause a system or entire network to crash.

At XENOIT WE do design Authentication services for Enterprise mostly used identity stores Active directory, LDAP, Cisco’s ISE and ACS ServiceAUTHENTICATION SERVICES