Data Loss Prevention

Explosive data growth makes it harder for businesses to track, protect and contain sensitive data within their corporate borders. Rapidly changing IT environments with shifting borders make this even more difficult.
Data Loss Prevention helps enterprises discover, monitor and secure data at rest, in motion, and in use to prevent exfiltration and ensure regulatory compliance.


Based on the patent-pending Intelligent Content Control Engine, Xenoit Data Loss Prevention analyzes all web-based communication and attachments, including through email, instant messenger, P2P file sharing, blogs, and social media, FTP and Telnet, for violations of an organization’s governance, compliance and acceptable-use policies.


Xenoit Data Loss Prevention automatically blocks HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic violating compliance policies. For email communications and attachments identified as compliance violations, it offers automatic encryption, blocking, quarantine or self-compliance capabilities.

Discover :

Based on the Intelligent Content Control Engine, Xenoit Data Loss Prevention can investigate data at rest to find and protect sensitive information residing in stored data. Discovery of sensitive data allows security teams to focus their initiatives on specific users and systems, and then implement the appropriate measures to meet compliance requirements.

Advanced Content Control :

Working in combination with the content detection technologies and risk categories, Xenoit Data Loss Prevention provides content control and security without impeding the flow of mission-critical operations.

Investigation Management

Xenoit Data Loss Prevention provides a suite of investigation management tools to help with analysis, discovery and forensic evaluation after a violation has been identified.

Real-Time Identity Match

This Powerful technology instantly associates the individual with the violation, regardless of protocol, handle or alias used.