End Point Security

ndpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to deliver faster, more advanced protection against today’s sophisticated and targeted attacks. Protection layers include firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-virus in addition to Insight and SONAR. Next Generation unique Insight reputation technology facilitates faster scan times, while SONAR delivers powerful protection against zero-day attacks by monitoring file behavior.

This industry leading solution features a single high-powered agent with advanced management capabilities and support for multiple operating systems.
Malware has evolved from large-scale massive attacks to include Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats that cannot be stopped by antivirus alone.

It’s time to move beyond antivirus.XENOIT’S unique ability to provide intelligent security leverages the collective wisdom of the world’s largest Global Intelligence Network (GIN) that gathers data from millions of users and sensors. Derived from GIN, the exceptional Insight™ technology in Current Endpoint Protection blocks mutating threats and enables faster scan time by analyzing a file’s reputation. Meanwhile, SONAR technology stops zero-day threats by monitoring file behavior in real-time
With a single high-powered agent that integrates intelligent security technologies with strong antivirus and policy lockdown, XENOIT Endpoint Protection solution allows you to focus on your business without compromising security or performance. End users pose the biggest risk to security.

They have access to your most valuable information. And many of them ignore your corporate security policies and do things they shouldn’t, using all kinds of devices, applications, and networks. Plus, the cloud offers employees new ways to transport data on and off the endpoint.

Because many of these devices and activities are out of your reach, you’re not likely to have the visibility to protect against threats and data loss at the endpoint.