Web Access Security

eb Filtering enables organizations to restrict access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, thereby enforcing acceptable-use policies that comply with industry and regulatory requirements.

Providing the web security to you organization can improve your workforce productivity as well.

For instance in your company if employees have access to internet with High Speed Broadband Service:
  • People Accessing social media and assuming as work
  • Wasting productive time in video browsing
  • Utilizing Companies Bandwidth
  • Looking for better jobs instead of concentrating on existing
  • Creating conjunction in network while making network resources excused

We provide industries leading web security services and enhanced technologies to control web access of organization staff..

XENOIT Simplified IT

The idea what they get first is we have unlimited internet speed so that we can download the content whatever we want. In this way there are chances of losing employees work output.
mployees might feel that we are working continuously for last three why don’t we relax for while by watching videos on YouTube it will affect your bandwidth usage and workforce output as well.
To avoid these kind of problems we come up with a WEB Security Solution in a cost effective manner WEB SECURITY ACCESSfor your company depending on your requirements, what is required and what is not required.