Web Application Firewall

Web_firewallE-commerce sites are the number one targeted asset of hackers* because they’re easy to access and deliver a valuable data payload for Cybercriminals

Web Application Firewall,

you can continuously monitor your applications, instantly detect and prevent threats, mitigate the risk of data breaches, and address compliance requirements.


and deploy the secure web gateway’s and web application firewalls to ensure your business critical applications are always safeguarded and protected from raising threats of cyberattacks and hackers

the way of the attacks and data theft are changing the view of providing the web security. The products like anti-virus and URL filtering are no longer sufficient to providing complete information security. You will be need of inline, real-time fortifications and innovative data loss prevention technologies to defend against contemporary attacks.

The aim of Web application security is to identify the following:

  • Critical assets of the organization.
  • Genuine users who may access the data.
  • Level of access provided to each user.
  • Various vulnerabilities that may exist in the application.
  • Data criticality and risk analysis on data exposure.
  • Appropriate remediation measures.