Point to Point Wireless

Point to point wireless Ethernet Bridge, also known as fixed wireless backhaul, ptp wireless, or point to point microwave, is an ideal complement or replacement to leased lines and fiber. Whether the requirement is to link individual buildings, communicate between buildings, or link networks across large distances, organizations are increasingly turning to point to point wireless backhaul networks, both licensed microwave links and unlicensed wireless bridges, as the preferred solution.

Reliability Percentage

Point to point wireless backhaul provides several advantages:

  • Increase Bandwidth – Up to Gigabit data/voice links (gigabit wireless)
  • Extend Fiber& T1 Installations
  • Lower cost of installation
  • No recurring connection fees
  • Reduce leased line dependency
  • Quick installation—days instead of weeks or months
  • ROI – Cost can usually be recouped in months
  • Performance unaffected by environmental factors
  • Advanced Security – DOD and HIPPA compliant
  • 99.999% Reliability